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Talking Emojis

Fun to use, but fairly awkward. Have to scroll the entire lot to find anything. Then download into the app you are using to chat. Real fun Emojis, though. Is there any way to stop getting requests for a review every 10 seconds?

Help! I was charged after I deleted the app?

So I downloaded the app and decided to delete the app after like an hour or so because I realized that it is taking up space I needed for other apps. Like 3 days after I deleted the app I found out that I was charged 2.99. I didn’t know downloading equals subscribing? I thought I was gonna see what the app is all about and make up my mind as to whether I am gonna subscribe or not, I guess not! Also, there’s no unsub link or if there is, I couldn’t find it. Is the fee a one time fee or am I gonna get charged every month for an app I no longer use? I want out!

More please!

Great app but not updated with new material.


Tried, liked and bought but a little tired of being asked every few clicks to review. If this continues even after buying the app I will look elsewhere

Pretty good

I like it but I had to get the non advertising one. The ads were driving me crazy!!

Just sayin’

It’s not bad, but, it’s not all that either.

Talking Emojis

This is a great app. I just purchased more emojis for 2.99 they have not appeared on my phone yet. What’s up with that?

I love it

The best emoji app ever... I love it

Talking emojis

So much fun with these new emojis

Rate it

Quit asking me to rate it!

Good, could be Great!

I usually don’t “buy” apps, but this one seems great. The issues are: - should make it easier to scroll through multiple emojis at once. Not each individual emoji. Takes too much time to where it gets annoying. -rating every 2 emoji use in the ad-free app?!?! Irritating. Why the continuous “pat-on-the -back” that this is a good could be great app.??? -is it possible this app could be included into the keyboard selection on the iphones??? This would make the use of this app more popular and get spread out to more users..... -after selection the emoji, and its sent out to another person, the symbol for listening to the emoji is in the middle of the emoji where it becomes a “ blind spot” for those who see it. The 1st couple of times that received these emojis I didn’t realize there was a “ON” button. Moving it from the center to the edge or make a small box at the edge to alert people to turn it ON will be extremely helpful/useful!!! Then this app be GREAT!!!

Was expecting a little more ...

Thought it might be a little more dirty or just a little more adult

So so oooooo

It is rather repetitive and needs more variety.




Cute like a chickens butt


Great App for expressing yourself!!! Highly recommend!!!

Good till it’s bad

I love all the emojis and I’m having fun with them. HOWEVER, the constant interruptions are extremely aggravating! If you have the free version it’s a advertisement every 2 emoji. If you bought The no ad version, every time you look at one they want a review! Maybe they will stop now that I’ve done one??? It would be nice also to have a search option to find the one you want to use. Overall I love the emojis, they are great and diverse. It’s a great app without the ads.

I Love This App!

I Love This App!


☺️thank you, love this so much😊 my friends and family enjoy my texts 💜💜 it brightens up every text i send 💚💚

How to make it better.

I think if the Mojo would repeat the words that was spoken, it would be much better and definitely more fun.

Paid for MORE emojis and no ads

What you actually get is the same emojis & no ads. Love the app, just wish I could access it from messages & you actually GET MORE emojis with the paid app.


Nice. Mane more talking.

Talking Emojis

I’ve already had a good time sending them to friends and relatives ..... they’re fun. Keep up the good work and give us all a free update of new ones you make!

Love the app

Some are really funny. Very different

Not cool

Paid for app and I had to still get the interruptions every two minutes


I love these emojis


Fun App


Love it! Very funny


This is fun! Thanks!!


There’s something for all ages in these emojis!

Talking emoji

Enjoy sending to my friends. Works well. No problems

Great app

Awesome app glad I paid the extra money but I am still getting the ads unfortunately but it’s not a big deal

Love it!!!!

These emojis are wayyyyy fun!!!! Too funny

Talking emoji

It's ok. But a little overpriced.

Smiley emoji

I luv it

Fun, Fun, FUN

Love this app!!!!

Emoji Pro

I really love my new emojis. The only problem I have is I paid for no advertising, yet every other time I use my emoji you pop up asking for a review. This is my 3rd and last review.

Needs more

Needs more emojis for ad free 2.99 is way to much for amount of emojis.

Talking Emojis

Very fun app.

Great fun

People I send them to laugh every time

Talking emojis

Very cute. I would of gave a 4 if it was downloaded into the phone not an app You have to go to app then message. But all in all very cute

Fun App But—

This is a fun app, but there is no search function. You can list the the emojis that you use often as Favorites, but if you want to send something different, you have to go through all of the emojis to find the one you want to send. It would be so much easier if you could search by keywords.



Asking for a rating always.

Incessantly asking for a rating!

Talking Emojis without Ads

I think these Emojis are hilarious. However, I was very disappointed in paying $2.99 for JUST removing ads. I thought with those removals there would be more Emojis too.


Would be helpful if it had a search feature.

Fun app!👍

App is fun to use.


Cute but pop ups are annoying even in the pro version- it keeps asking you to rate it non stop


Nice so far

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