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Emoji Pro

I really love my new emojis. The only problem I have is I paid for no advertising, yet every other time I use my emoji you pop up asking for a review. This is my 3rd and last review.

Needs more

Needs more emojis for ad free 2.99 is way to much for amount of emojis.

Talking Emojis

Very fun app.

Great fun

People I send them to laugh every time

Talking emojis

Very cute. I would of gave a 4 if it was downloaded into the phone not an app You have to go to app then message. But all in all very cute

Fun App But—

This is a fun app, but there is no search function. You can list the the emojis that you use often as Favorites, but if you want to send something different, you have to go through all of the emojis to find the one you want to send. It would be so much easier if you could search by keywords.



Asking for a rating always.

Incessantly asking for a rating!

Talking Emojis without Ads

I think these Emojis are hilarious. However, I was very disappointed in paying $2.99 for JUST removing ads. I thought with those removals there would be more Emojis too.


Would be helpful if it had a search feature.

Fun app!👍

App is fun to use.


Cute but pop ups are annoying even in the pro version- it keeps asking you to rate it non stop


Nice so far

waste of money

dont buy it


What the heck? Got the ad free version and now it constantly asks for a review during every use!!

I like it but...

I tried it, I like it. I bought it. No more advertising to annoy me. HOWEVER, I now have this pesky little reminder to “rate the app” that keeps popping up after I bought it, and after I rated it with 5-star review. Don’t make me sorry that I spent $3 so you could jerk me around. Dump the ratings harassment of I will start filling out a negative review each time it pops up.

Super fun

Love this app! No problems at all.

Friends love it!

Love the app. Just wish you would add more.

Would probably like it better..

If I weren't FORCED to leave a review AFTER i pay for the app to avoid ads!

Really fun

Really fun

Not for me

Very juvenile. I would not utilize most of these emojis. The ads were ridiculous and made it impossible to try the app. I paid the $2.99 which ended in disappointment. Sorry, but this was a big thumbs down.


This is a cute app

It’s fun BUT...

There is no way to add any of them as favorites. There’s no option after I paid $2.99 to swipe to add & that’s exactly why I paid for it...just to assist & organize my favorites.

Talking imikimi

Why can’t I use it

Fun app!!

This app is so much fun. Puts a smile on everyone’s face!


GREAT! Fun! Awesome

Keeps asking for a rating

Already rated. Then I purchased. Then asked to rated again. Too much! But I like the app. Needs more female talking emojis.


Lots of fun to use!

Love it

Greaaaaaat app love it

Paid for PRO Still Hassled for Review

Paid for PRO Still Hassled for Review or it would be 4 stars. Needs more content. If I get asked to review after EVERY TIME I PREVIEW ONE OF THESE then I will rate it 1 then delete.

Locking up on iPad Pro

Half the time I use this it locks up on me. In order to get it to work I have to reboot my I pad. Need more sexual Emojis.

Fun App!

Fun to use! Easy and the emojis are super cute! Love the turkey!

Talking emoji

This app is so funny I love it thanks!!


Cute emojis


This emoji is great, funny to use, great to send out . It’s lots of fun!!!’

Love it

Love it

Talking 3D emojis

I LOVE THEM!!!!! Thy are the CUTIEST EMOJIS I HAVE SEEN YET!!! Love um I hope you can update and make more with like people 3D animated talking emojis!!!!! I will buy if have too!!!❤️💋☺️😘😘😘😀😃


Just got the app, so far so good

Great Fun!

This is a very fun app to use. So far the app has worked great and I haven't had any problems. ☻👍🏻👍🏻

Love it

Love it

Great and fun

Love this app

Great App

Excellent app


Nice app wish it would just work in iMessage not outside of it


It's pretty good and funny so far.


I just downloaded the PRO version. The ads were driving me crazy. App is pretty good. I really like it. Hopefully more will be added. I wish it had one that says "Wake Up, Wake Up". I would love to send this to my kids so they can get up .


God app to have little fun

Fun, Fun, Funny

It's a lot of fun. I actually send them to myself sometimes. I wish there were more of them.

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